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We take care of all your documentation needs

OnTarget Communications finds the best writer for the job and makes sure the work gets done, professionally and on time.
We provide the highest level of service and take care of our clients and writers throughout the entire process. 

From recruitment and placement to distinct documentation projects, we are always OnTarget. 
Learn more about what we do:

Are you a company searching for a technical or marketing writer? Do you need a documentation
project completed?

Are you a writer who’s interested in working with us?

The OnTarget Advantage

We always work to meet the unique needs of our clients and to find the correct writer for the job. As a global company with nearly 20 years of experience, we are a full-service documentation provider working with leading companies around the world. We cover a wide variety of sectors, such as technology, telecom, healthcare, security, finance, aerospace, and more.

We provide a wide range of documentation services, including content management, technical and marketing writing projects, placements of permanent hires, as well as short and long-term contractors and interns. With our extensive global network of writers, we’re able to match the best writer for the job, satisfaction guaranteed. 


Outstanding Customer Support

We know what it’s like to work on a deadline, and we’re available to our clients 24/7/365. If your business has an urgent need, give us a call – we’ll take care of it. 


Documentation Experts 

We ensure the highest levels of professionalism, making sure the writers we work with and the projects we complete meet our strictest standards.


Discretion Assured

We take confidentiality seriously. Whether we’re working on a sensitive hire or dealing with a confidential document, privacy and security is a top priority.


Ongoing Support

When we’re working on a placement for you, we’ll support you and the candidates from start to finish.

We know hiring can be stressful, so we’re here to make the process smoother and more effective.


Professional Training

We offer comprehensive training for writers and other professionals, such as engineers or product managers.


Internship Program

We’ve trained over 500 interns, making sure they have the necessary skills to succeed in fast-paced, high-tech environments. We provide professional re-training for people who want to become documentation professionals. Our internship program includes a work placement so companies can host well-trained writers.

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