If you need to fill a contract position, we’re your source. Whether you’re looking for a contractor for three months or three years, we’ll find you the right person for the job. Unlike many other companies, we allow contractors to become your full-time employees, if relevant.

We work directly with hiring managers in various departments such as R&D, Product, and Marketing to find the right contractor to match the needs of the business. In addition to taking care of logistics and administrative details, we provide onboarding, training, and continued support for the contractor, ensuring they have the tools and help needed for them to successfully complete their responsibilities.

Through our experience working with thousands of companies globally, we're uniquely positioned to make the process run smoothly and effectively - for both the company and contractor.

Whether you’re a startup or global enterprise company, tell us your requirements and we’ll make sure you start working with the right person. ASAP.

We place contractors with a wide variety of expertise:

Technical Documentation

User manuals, quick reference guides, reference manuals, system descriptions, installation guides, administration manuals, integration guides, release notes, quick starts, knowledge base articles, etc.

Marketing & Communications

Websites, social media content, presentations, blogs, brochures, white papers, company profiles, business plans, product overviews, data sheets, etc.

Bid Responses

RFPs, RFIs, proposals, etc.

Interface Documentation (UI/UX)

User interface, user experience, editing & validation, error messages, system events, etc.

Online Help

WebHelp, WinHelp, HTML, Java, etc.

Programming Documentation

System specifications, development, SDK, APIs, etc.

Quality Control

Editing, proofing, GUIs, acceptance testing, etc.

Training & Courseware

Technical, end-user, train the trainer, presentations, lectures, videos, scripts, etc.

All our contract writers are screened and assessed to ensure their skills meet the highest professional standards and the requirements of the hiring company.

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We are available 24/7 by email or phone.

Call us directly and we will be happy to speak with you.


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