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Our technical writing internship program is designed to meet the immediate work needs of companies and those looking to become documentation professionals. Our program combines hands-on training with onsite work at some of the world’s leading tech companies.

Participants are carefully screened to ensure they’re up to the task. Whether it’s someone looking to make a career change or someone looking to polish their documentation skills, we are open to applicants from all professional arenas. Training consists of comprehensive classroom sessions, with group instruction and one-on-one guidance from instructors.

Upon the completion of the training course, participants are placed at a company for a period of four months as an intern. Our interns frequently become valuable additions to a documentation team, providing necessary support and completing a wide variety of tasks. We make sure our interns are ready to work in fast-paced, high-tech environments. 

We are one of the Chosen 45 for the Israel Innovation Authority Rapid Training and Placement for Hi-Tech Roles Program. In coordination with IIA, we are offering Product and UX writing training to assist with Israel's economic recovery from COVID.

Training topics include:


Microsoft Word for Technical Writers

Use of templates, styles, captions, automated references, comments, track changes, and more.



Common errors, checking work, and more.


Basics of Technical Writing

Document types, gathering and organizing information, writing procedures, incorporating graphics, and generating PDFs.


Company-Specific Training 

Instruction is tailored to meet the requirements of the host company, typically FrameMaker, Flare, RoboHelp or other authoring software used by the company, such as structured DITA Authoring.

Tools Training

PowerPoint, Visio, OneNote, Fundamentals of Information Technology, Camtasia and documenting APIs.

Interns are accepted by application only.

OTC internship

Upon completion of the training program, interns work onsite at a company for 320 hours, over a period of approximately four months. Interns are paid and receive professional ongoing support from OnTarget staff throughout their time onsite.

Our interns are placed at leading companies such as HP, Microsoft, CheckPoint, Avaya, Verint, NICE Systems, Palo Alto, and others. The internship provides participants with the opportunity to receive real world work experience, a professional reference, and possible employment or contract work at the end of their internship.

Many companies actively seek out our graduate interns, as our training programs are well known in the field.  

This is a win-win paradigm for both interns and companies.

The internship program provides companies with the opportunity to host a well-trained intern as an entry-level resource in their team. Interns can complete ongoing, routine maintenance tasks or projects that have been delayed due to workforce constraints. We’ve found that our interns provide much needed support and assistance to overloaded teams. Companies also gain the benefits of an enthusiastic, dedicated team member, with the possibility of checking for a future fit as a potential fulltime employee or contractor.  

To learn more about the internship program,
please contact us.

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