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We provide full-service placements for companies - whether you’re an HR recruiter or hiring manager, we’ll work with you to make the hiring process run smoothly and efficiently. Through our extensive network of professional writers, we’re able to pre-screen qualified candidates to make sure you see the best applicants.

We accompany you throughout the entire placement process, setting up interviews, providing samples, and supplying additional background information on candidates. Our dedicated staff are there to provide support throughout the interview process - we work with you until you’re confident you’ve found the right person for the job.

We specialize in recruiting the following candidates:

Technical Writers/Authors


Aviation/Aerospace Writers

Developer Advocates

Documentation Team Leads and Managers


Knowledge Base Writers


Instructional Designers

Learning and e-Learning Specialists

Training Developers

Technical Trainers

Marketing Writers

Product Writers

Content Writers

UI/UX Writers/Designers

We stand by our placements

OnTarget Communications

If a placement needs a refresher or training in a certain skill or technical program, we’ll provide them with the necessary training, and will continue to support the candidate for the first three months of their employment.

Our team is on call to help you through the placement process, saving you time, energy, and money by reducing the number of candidates you need to process. Candidates are screened and selected to fit the position and company, thereby increasing the probability of hiring someone who can successfully integrate into your work environment. We identify candidates quickly and efficiently.

Our objective is to make sure that both the hiring manager and candidate are satisfied. We work closely with candidates throughout the interview process, addressing their questions and concerns, and ensuring they can meet the expectations of the job. Our goal is to place the right person in the right job. 

OnTarget places documentation and communication professionals in permanent positions, contract jobs, and outsourcing projects. We:

Place candidates into a broad range of jobs, which are not always advertised (we handle confidential recruitment and “head-hunting”)

Understand the hidden criteria that are often not specified in public advertisements

Pre-screen to match candidates to positions, increasing the probability of our candidate getting the job

Proactively manage the recruitment process, ensuring that resumes do not disappear into a “black hole”

Regularly communicate and collaborate with both the HR and Documentation Managers, increasing our resume-to-interview ratio

Often consult to companies 
who are hiring, as to whom to interview and who to make offers to, especially when it comes down to the final short list

Added Value

After a successful placement, we provide candidates with:

Ongoing counselling and technical support

Two days of free training

Conversion Option

While many recruitment companies do not permit this, we make it easy for corporate clients to convert contractors into full-time employees.

OnTarget Communications offers the best recruitment and placement solutions.

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