As documentation experts, we’re uniquely positioned to provide professional training on a wide variety of documentation tools and topics. We deliver cutting-edge training courses at our training centers or onsite for clients, with courses ranging from improving writing, presentation, and editing skills to technical writing skills for engineers.

We are available to create tailor-made training sessions for your company.

Please contact us for details.

The following courses are offered on an ongoing basis

Working with Madcap Flare

Preparing API Documentation

Video Editing and Voice-Overs for Technical Documenters (Using Camtasia)

e-learning Production Fundamentals for Technical Documenters (Using Captivate)

Improving Your Technical Writing/Authoring Skills

Interpersonal Skills Workshops

Technical Writing for Engineers

Editing Technical Documentation

Using and Managing Office 365

Using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Teams, Visio, Sway, MIX)

Using RoboHelp

Working with Adobe FrameMaker

Content Management with SmartDocs

Managing Projects with Microsoft Project

Using OneNote and Office 365 to enhance collaboration, team management, and coaching

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